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Testimonial 1  (Aches and Pains):


“Excellent treatment in comfortable clean surroundings. Mrs. Cheng is considerate and easy to talk to and costs are reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody in need of help.”


– Mrs. D  Leagrave



Testimonial 2  (MS and Menopause):


“I have been a patient of Dr Cheng for 3 years. She has successfully helped my MS symptoms e.g. muscle pain, low energy, tiredness, burning sensation in my legs with acupuncture and herbs. The treatment worked alongside my conventional medication I am taking. After a few weeks I noticed an improvement.

Also, Dr Cheng has treated my menopause symptoms e.g. hot flushes, mood swings, low energy level, night sweats. I have been taking herbal pills for about 4 months now, the night sweats have stopped, the hot flushes very seldom in fact I do not feel like I am going through the menopause at all.

Dr. Cheng is easy to talk to, and very helpful. I highly recommend her.”




Testimonial 3  (Aches and Pains):


“I always wanted to try acupuncture, but I never realized it is so widely used. I would like to thank Mrs. Cheng for being very nice, helpful and professional. My first thought about acupuncture was: will it hurt? And I found out that it is actually a very relaxing and calm feeling.”


– A Lengova



Testimonial 4  (Double Vision):


“Having developed double vision, & getting no answers to why I had it, or any real hope of a cure from doctors & hospitals, I phoned Dr Cheng to see if she could help me, she said that it would take a few visits but yes she believed she could cure the problem, the rest is history, with her treatment I gradually improved, & nine visits later my eye sight had returned to normal, so naturally I would recommend her to anyone.”


– Vic



Testimonial 5  (Dizziness):


“I suffered from very bad dizziness on and off for four years. I had MRI scans and spine scans but nothing had been found or cured. I decided to give acupuncture a try and I was very skeptic about the whole thing.
Dr Cheng is a remarkable Lady who has cured my dizziness and I am able to live life as normal again through acupuncture and herbal medicine I have been cured. I highly recommend this Lady and I will always use her again should any illness come in the future.”


– Jeff, Stopsley, Luton




Testimonial 6:


“After weeks of misery I was eventually diagnosed with Rasmsay hunt syndrome & Bells palsey. The Specialist told me I might get better in a year, or 10 years or maybe never! My own Doctor said acupuncture would not help and gave me loads of pain killers instead then sent me away to wait for time to pass!   I had constant pain and dizziness and felt like life was hopeless.  I came to see Doctor Cheng and finally found someone who was interested. Each session she would listened to me and then treat me in response to what I had said. I cannot praise her enough. She has given me back a life.  Whatever it is you are suffering with I recommend Dr Cheng whole heartedly. I was abandoned by the Doctors but she made me well again.”


– Grant, Luton




Testimonial 7:


“Dr Cheng is an expert in the field of acupuncture her modest, reassuring manner coupled with extensive medical knowledge. I would highly recommend her services.”


– J. MacKay




Testimonial 8  (IBS):


“I have had ibs for 5 years with severe pain..the doctors just gave me medicine just to ease the symptoms, but they did not have a clue on how to get to the root cause/problem if my ibs. I came to see Dr.Cheng and we discussed the problems. Taking acupuncture and having a herbs as a way treatment, made me feel like a new man after a couple of weeks. Dr Cheng really understands and listens tour your problems, and it is a very relaxing atmosphere to be in. I would recommend Dr Cheng to anyone, just come and speak to her..”


– A. M.




Testimonial 9:


“I was client of Mrs. Cheng for a year and I was very satisfied with her approach. She helped me with the herbs and acupuncture with my health condition. It really worked well all together. I would recommend her treatment for people who are seeking help and they trust the natural way of healing.”


– M. P.




Testimonial 10 (Feet Pain):


“Dear Mrs Cheng, I would like to say a big Thank you! for your treatment you gave me. It has been a pleasure to meet you.  I have been suffering from pain on my soles of feet for about 5 months. I agreed to you use the large needles and I can recommend it to anyone who is scared. I have felt the pain relieved already after few minutes. It was unbelievable! I also, agreed to keep the tube in my legs for few more hours and I removed them 3 hours after at home. Fantastic feeling!  I will come back if I had any problem! Thank you!”


– Z. S.


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